5 Reasons Your Business Needs Managed IT Services

Protecting the stability of IT operations are at the forefront of concerns from many business owners. Data breaches, cyberattacks, and out-dated technologies are nothing new to the IT world – so investing in solid IT management services is paramount in today’s digital age.

Opting to have an in-house IT department can be expensive and unnecessary. That’s why hiring managed IT service providers stand as a smart investment for your business. Management services from Integr8IT offer a long list of benefits, but here are five of the main ways having managed IT services can scale your business.


Integr8IT works across a range of businesses, providing management IT services that are tailored to your individual and unique business goals. You’ll reap the benefits of having up-to-date knowledge on technology trends, access to our team of IT professionals, significantly reduce costs and increase productivity.


Receive Specialist Support

Hiring IT management providers means you’ll be getting business support from experts in the field. Integr8IT keep updated on the best and latest software applications and solutions to ensure that your small business is equipped with the latest and most efficient IT infrastructure. With a wealth of specialist knowledge and experience, managed IT services use best practices to tackle any type of business IT needs. On top of promptly troubleshooting a range of tech issues, IT management providers would take further measures in preventing future problems – so your business can run as smoothly as possible.

Reduce Costs

With reliable and leading IT consultants, your business won’t be vulnerable to wasting vast amounts of money caused by inefficient IT systems. Even for small businesses, there’s a lot that goes into the operation and maintenance of your business IT infrastructure: software costs, network costs, hardware costs, and repairs – just to name a few. Integr8IT’s managed services can easily outline which areas can be improved so there’s less cost involved without compromising your business productivity and efficiency.


Gain control of your IT expenses as your business grows –

By using our fixed cost per person or seat price model, you’ll be able to forecast how much you’re investing in your IT operations so you can be assured that such expenses won’t ever spiral out of your control


IT Support

Increase Productivity

Hours spent on fixing bugs in your software application could be done in a fraction of that time using the assistance of managed IT consultants – meaning more gets done in less time. This isn’t only just optimal for your business performance, but a more efficient workflow leads to happier and more satisfied employees. Getting prompt IT support whenever your employee’s computer unexpectedly crashes or speeding up the software application running on your business PCs can ensure your workers will never worry about getting their work done on time.

Increase Security

There are many ways your business’s high-risk information can be breached. From the outside, hackers and cyberattacks are made in more advanced ways as times go on. And from the inside, your employees may unknowingly download a virus that can undoubtedly compromise the safety of your company’s data.

Having your needs managed through a professional IT consulting services can ensure protection against a range of dangerous threats. You’ll receive consistent updates on relevant spyware removal services and continue to securely store your business’s sensitive information.


Tech-talk can be overwhelming with jargons and unfamiliar terms – Integr8IT delivers service through real people, not robots, so you can be assured that you’re assisted by real IT technicians and professionals who will listen to your needs and explain things in easy and plain English.




To hire in-house IT professionals takes time. To interview, hire, train, and provide ongoing development to a team of in-house IT workers may not give you the return on investment you’re hoping for. In the event of an employee unexpectedly quitting, this would mean a bigger loss in productivity in finding new and suitable staff.

Implementing managed IT services adds a huge degree of flexibility in running your business. More of your energy can be redirected at solving and improving your software, security, and even help desk issues – instead of managing an in-house team for your IT needs.

Securing a trustworthy and professional IT consultant to manage and improve your business IT infrastructure is one of the best ways to scale up your business and increase performance. At Integr8IT we tailor custom management services no matter how small or large your business is, and always aim to ensure your business is working at it’s very best.

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