Brand Communications Agency increases productivity with Dropbox for Business

‘The stress levels are lower, our workflows have improved and so has our productivity’


Libby – Saltree


‘As a Brand Communications Agency, we work with lots of large artwork files. We need our team to be able to quickly and easily access any file at any time. But, our ageing server was struggling and causing us issues on a daily basis. Sometimes it would crash and other times it would just grind to halt, which meant our business ground to a halt too.

I’d heard about Dropbox for Business, so went to a seminar to learn more about it. After seeing what it could do, I knew it was the right solution for us. I got in touch with Dropbox who recommended Integr8IT as the best people to get us up and running with it.

When I met with Peter and Shashi for the first time, I was impressed. They listened to what we needed and then talked us through the process of setting up Dropbox to suit our specific needs. For us the biggest challenge was going to be migrating our 1.5 terabytes of data, without having to shut up shop for a week. They developed a plan that involved transferring our current jobs first, so that we could minimise the downtime and be up and running quickly.

Integr8IT made moving to Dropbox for Business simple and straight-forward for us. They also made sure that the transfer of all our data went smoothly, that there was minimal disruption to our business and that nothing got lost in the process.

Now that we’re up and running, we’re so glad that we made the change and did it with Integr8IT’s help. My team keeps telling me how great the setup is and everyone is much happier now that they can work without annoying server glitches and interruptions. The stress levels are lower, our workflows have improved and so has our productivity’.

Saltree is a creative Brand Communications Agency that works with clients of all shapes and sizes to build brands that make money.