Case Study: Dropbox Business – How it helped Dreamstreet Homeloans speed up operations


‘As a home loan provider, our staff are continuously dealing with paper forms and often travel to clients houses to get these filled out. The forms would then get scanned and converted into a digital format. This process was time consuming and costly and we started looking for a more optimal solution.’



‘We asked for Integr8IT’s advice on a more optimal solution and they showed us the ‘Document Scanning’ feature in Dropbox Business. Using this feature, a Dreamstreet staff member could now use their mobile phones to scan documents directly into Dropbox. A staff member in the Dreamstreet office could then process the paperwork instantly.’



‘Integr8IT made using to Dropbox Business simple and straight-forward for us. They took the time to understand our business needs and provided a solution that really works for us. We have cut down our processing times drastically and have moved to a much more efficient, digitally driven solution instead of a paper based solution.


We could not recommend Dropbox Business enough. What is a seemingly small part of the Dropbox Business application has led to some real cost savings in our business. The stress levels are lower, our workflows have improved and so has our productivity’.


Dreamstreet provides the key to success…and can help you can unlock your dream home sooner.