Digitise your company forms

If your company is anything like ours, you would have amassed a series of forms in word and excel. For me, filling any form out, which sometimes needs to be printed, filled in and then scanned back, has the same enthusiasm level as watching paint dry.


There are so many ways to digitise forms now but still, many companies still use the old fashioned excel or word forms. One of the reasons could be that it is just easy to create these forms and has traditionally been more complicated to create online forms with automated approval flows.


Fortunately, with Office 365’s new technologies Forms and Flow, it has just become that much easier to digitise your forms.


Microsoft Forms will allow you to create basic online forms that can be emailed as a link, inserted into your website or even onto your Sharepoint site. This could be for feedback, approval requests or for details that clients need to send to you.


Microsoft Flow will then allow you to create actions from these forms. This could be to send a staff member an email with the contents of the form, notify a manager that a form has been filled out or even request for approval from a manger. And with each of these actions, the response can be stored in your Sharepoint Online list for reference later.



Now there is no excuse not to have digitised forms.