Encryption Software for Business

Any organisation, big or small, deals with sensitive data such as a person’s name, financial details, and even birthdates – all of which are prime targets for cyber hackers. Given this, implementing encryption software for businesses is in the front line of cybersecurity, especially in today’s digital landscape where data is dealt with and stored every second. Any responsible business owner or manager would invest in a secure encryption system for all their business’ PC and laptop computers – but with the range of options and services available, it’s difficult to know where to start.  

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Data Encryption Software Basics

Firstly, it’s important to understand what encryption means and how it works. Encryption is the process of setting up a passcode or cipher key, which is then used to unscramble data that would otherwise be impossible to comprehend for a computer. It’s a necessary buffer to make attacks on your business’ private information less appealing for hackers.

Data Encryption Software

A password is an obvious and common form of encryption – so you’re likely already using a form of encryption for your business already. But there’s also encryption for individual files and folders, volume encryption (set of files/folders), and full-disc encryption, which protects all files on a computer – plus many others.

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Specialised Data Encryption Software

From premium to free software encryption services, there’s plenty of options to choose from to protect your company’s private data. Ultimately, your decision is based on the level and type of data that needs protection. Here’s a brief rundown of free encryption services for three business data types:

Email: ProtonMail

ProtonMail offers encryption services via email, with some of its features including self-destructing emails, encrypted communications to non-ProtonMail users, as well as convenient desktop and mobile applications.

VPN: HotSpot Shield

With 256-AES encryption, HotSpot Shield can protect your sensitive and personal information from potential threats on Wi-Fi connections.

Mobile-messaging: Signal

Using 256-bit AES encryption for texts and 128-bit AES-CBC encryption for calls, Signal provides free end-to-end encryption for users and only simply requires internet to do so.

Encryption Best Practices

Setting up encryption software for your business is paramount, but if not properly executed, it can be just as ineffective as not having any cyber protection for your organisation’s data.  

To ensure every necessary measure is taken to protect your company’s data, make sure to back-up the data before you encrypt your company’s data.

Specialised Data Encryption Software

On top of that, use passcodes or keys that contain various characters such as numbers, letters, and symbols, but refrain from overcomplicating it – it still needs to be memorisable. Write down the encryption key in a way only you would recognise and store it safely from others easily finding it.

To protect Wi-Fi connections, setting up a Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) is one of the best ways to protect wireless communications – on the same note, Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) is never recommended for data protection, so avoid that one.

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Encrypting confidential data is what any professional business owner or manager would do to effectively prevent private information from being misused by hackers. A lot of research is required to select the right data encryption software for your company. But if done well, having encryption software can be one of the best investments for your business.

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