Glenelg Hopkins CMA increases operational efficiency through Skype for Business deployment

‘Integr8IT got us up and running with Skype for Business. Now we can talk face-to-face with the people at our other office, without having to travel for two hours, which saves us so much wasted time’


Kathy – Glenelg Hopkins CMA


‘As the Catchment Management Authority for Glenelg Hopkins, we have 48 people working across two different regional locations. To just have a face-to-face meeting with another member of the team, we’d often have to travel two hours.



Integr8IT has set us up with Skype for Business, which allows us to have face-to-face meetings whenever we need. They’ve also helped us take the first important step towards moving to the cloud, by moving our mail from our onsite server to Office 365. This has relieved a lot of the pressure on our systems and means we no longer have to worry about mail storage issues.


Often, there can be lots of teething issues when you implement new technology in an organisation such as ours. However, we really didn’t have any problems. Integr8IT made sure the transition happened smoothly and seamlessly. They provided everyone with training and got it all up and running incredibly quickly.



Skype for Business has given us the ability to communicate with each other effectively, and in a timely way. Just being able to talk face-to-face with a colleague or colleagues at our other office, without having to travel for two hours, saves us so much wasted time. While moving our mail to Office 365 has allowed us to take some of the pressure off of our onsite ICT infrastructure, while we work towards moving to a totally cloud based system.


Glenelg Hopkins Catchment Management Authority is a State Government organisation that looks after the river health in Victoria’s Glenelg Hopkins region. It manages and carries out works to protect and enhance the quality of the water and the condition of the rivers.